More MythTV Meddling

For a long time everyone has suffered shocking TV reception at the units where I live. Sometimes it's crystal clear, then channels randomly disappear for a week or so. We've put it down to being in a black spot, the antenna being crap, the wiring being crap, trams and various other causes (maybe the piano interferes...!?)

(partial) myth joy

Yay! It would seem that with the latest updates to the xc3028 tuner driver, my DViCO Fusion Dual Digital 4 (USB id 0fe9:db78) can use the newest drivers again.

Up to my last attempt at tracking the newest drivers, loading them would cause a system hardlock, which isn't particularly helpful on a PVR. Well, whilst the olympics were on I don't suppose it mattered that much. Komkommertijd, as we say in Holland.

mythtv revisited

A quick update from mythtv land. It would seem that as of about two weeks ago, my DViCO Dual Digital 4 card is officially supported.

I just pulled the latest drivers out of mercurial and it seems tuning speeds have been much improved since I did my last update somewhere near the start of January.

Small tweak, the driver is now called tuner_xc2028 and not xc3028-fe.

mythtv - it works!

After over a year of using myth on my laptop (which has tv out) to view video files on tv, I now have an honest-to-god working mythtv setup with dual tuners, remote control and everything.

For my birthday I obtained a DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital 4, after doing a spot of googling about Linux compatibility. This is a PCI card that, after plugging in, is detected as two USB tuners and an input device.


I had scrounged together a pile of hardware from various defunct machines in the house and been given a mobo by a friend (Thanks Steve!) The system is an Athlon64 2800+ with 512Mb ram, a fanless nvidia FX5200 with an RCA tvout connector and an 80Gb harddisk. (Though all recording is done to a 500GB LVM volume in another room via NFS over 100baseT)