fusion dual digital 4

(partial) myth joy

Yay! It would seem that with the latest updates to the xc3028 tuner driver, my DViCO Fusion Dual Digital 4 (USB id 0fe9:db78) can use the newest drivers again.

Up to my last attempt at tracking the newest drivers, loading them would cause a system hardlock, which isn't particularly helpful on a PVR. Well, whilst the olympics were on I don't suppose it mattered that much. Komkommertijd, as we say in Holland.

mythtv revisited

A quick update from mythtv land. It would seem that as of about two weeks ago, my DViCO Dual Digital 4 card is officially supported.

I just pulled the latest drivers out of mercurial and it seems tuning speeds have been much improved since I did my last update somewhere near the start of January.

Small tweak, the driver is now called tuner_xc2028 and not xc3028-fe.