More MythTV Meddling

For a long time everyone has suffered shocking TV reception at the units where I live. Sometimes it's crystal clear, then channels randomly disappear for a week or so. We've put it down to being in a black spot, the antenna being crap, the wiring being crap, trams and various other causes (maybe the piano interferes...!?)

LeadTek for the MythTV Win(Fast)

On the weekend I acquired a shiny new PCI DVB card for use with MythTV.

The DViCO Dual Fusion 4 card I already had seems to have blown either one of its tuner chips or one of the USB bridges - and it's well and truly out of warranty - but the other tuner still works OK.  Depending on signal strength and channel, that is. The ABC and Channel 7 generally worked OK, but the rest was iffy at best.