I suppose it's been pretty quiet on the front since we've opened registrations, so perhaps an update is in order.

Things are progressing well and we seem to be tracking okay. Data is being generated for graphing purposes :-) There are 16 days to go until Early Bird registrations close!

Nothing major has broken as of yet (*tap*) and we're just about to do some updating on the main site.

Until that's done, here is a quick listing of the social programme for those who asked:

  • Speakers Dinner - Tuesday Jan 29, 2008
  • Penguin Dinner - Wednesday Jan 30, 2008
  • Professional Delegates Networking Session - Thursday Jan 3, 2008
  • Open Day - Saturday 2 Feb 2008

Shiny Newness

After quite a long time of hosting drupals for clients, I've finally succumbed and set one up for myself.

On the todo list are fixing up the theme, fixing tiny-mce integration and adding my gallery in here, so it can magically show the image of the day and stuff like that.