An Eye for a Road Rule

I just need to vent. Traffic! I hate it! Motorists in Melbourne are so discourteous, it makes me want to scream! Or hurt them! Or both!

Traffic Jam SignA short trip across town last week included such experiences as being tailgated when in the right hand lane, indicating to turn right, and then being honked at whilst I was waiting for traffic to clear, so I could actually turn. The other driver was so close behind me, he couldn't simply pass me in the left hand lane. (1 dickhead point for you, Mr BMW)

A while later, nearly home, I was nearly wiped out by someone blatanty running the lights. Again, I was waiting to turn in a right hand lane, with a truck opposite me, turning right from the other direction. After my set of lights had turned red and I had started turning, I was honked by a Camry speeding through the intersection, to the left of the truck. (100 dickheads points for you, Mr Toyota)

The last thing is more of an annoyance than an incident. Far too many people wait for red traffic lights on the pedestrian cross for cross traffic. They make it impossible for pedestrians to get across the intersection safely, instead forcing them to kind of squeeze past their bonnet and moving traffic. It's not that hard to stop behind the thick white stripe, is it?

At last I know of a simple (and environmentally friendly) fix for that last one: remove the set of lights on the far side of the intersection. Cars would need to wait where they're supposed to wait or they wouldn't be able to see the lights, and as a bonus electricity use at all intersections would be halved. It's a winner!

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