Leadtek Y04G0051 remote and LiRC

Y04G0051 RemoteI managed to get hold of a Leadtek DTV2000H of the revision J persuasion ages ago. It works flawlessly for recording under mythtv, but I never really tried to get the remote control working.

The remote is a Y04G0051 and with some googling, I found a lot of pages that link to supposedly working configurations, which on closer inspection all apply to slightly different model numbers. Virtually none of these supposedly working configurations actually makes use of all buttons on this particular remote. For instance, most do not have mappings for the Vol± and Ch± buttons and instead use the blue arrow buttons for this.

That's somewhat annoying, so I did some additional searching and then combined the various results into a set of configuration files that work.

Attached are the four files you need to make this remote work with MythTV. I hope this means you don't need to spend a day searching for and combining config files, like I had to.


This file contains an udev rule that makes the remote's entry in /dev/input persist across reboots, by creating a symbolic link to the correct /dev/input/eventX file. It goes into /etc/udev/rules.d.


This file tells the LiRC daemon which driver and which device file to use. It lives in /etc/lirc.


This file contains the mappings from keypresses on the remote control to configurable events. It also lives in /etc/lirc.


This file links the events defined in lircd.conf to actual keypresses for applications. You can edit this file to change mappings or to add applications. Don't change any of the other files, though. You can save this file as .lircrc in the home directory of the mythtv user.

Binary Data 20-mythtv.rules183 bytes
Binary Data hardware.conf1.06 KB
Binary Data lircd.conf1.94 KB
Binary Data lircrc.4.35 KB


BIG Thank you for posting this. I've spent the last 6 months (on and off) trying to get this remote remote with very little success.

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