Elementary Dairy Particles

Amongst my favourite dairy desserts back in The Netherlands was kwark - known in english speaking countries as as quark. It's not quite yoghurt, not quite cheese, but a deliciously smooth and refreshing in-between.

For the longest time it's been unavailable in Australia, but over the past few years it has started popping up (on occasion) in some supermarkets. More recently I found that my local specialty dairy shop (La Latteria) also makes it from time to time.

However, something all local quarks have in common is that they're relatively dry and crumbly — and not smooth, like I want them to be. I decided that it was time to make my own quark, so the texture and flavour would be to my exact specifications.

day 0 and 1 at lca

Waiting for the projector in Burbury 2 to sort itself out, I thought I'd say that the first two days of not-quite-lca (Sunday/Monday) have been great. They mainly involved eating and drinking, not so much the attending of mini-confs, though.

If you're in Hobart and you're looking for somewhere to eat, I can heartily recommend the Bay Leaf Bistro at 160 Sandy bay Road - a short walk from the university, which serves decent home-style food.

eating in mel8ourne

You're attending, the sessions have finished for the day, the food court is closed and now you and your friends are in desperate need of food, but you don't know where to go.

This should be a problem no more. Melbourne has thousands of restaurants, many of which are only a short walk from our conference venue. The main restaurant strips are marked in purple on the map page, but a purple line isn't helpful in finding out what is available.