day 0 and 1 at lca

Waiting for the projector in Burbury 2 to sort itself out, I thought I'd say that the first two days of not-quite-lca (Sunday/Monday) have been great. They mainly involved eating and drinking, not so much the attending of mini-confs, though.

If you're in Hobart and you're looking for somewhere to eat, I can heartily recommend the Bay Leaf Bistro at 160 Sandy bay Road - a short walk from the university, which serves decent home-style food.

The other place is Sirens vegetarian restaurant at 6 Victoria street in the city. Inspired vegetarian and vegan food and possibly the best ginger beer I've ever had (though we did drink them out of this ginger beer last night, there may not be any left for you ;-)

Talk started now, time to pay attention.

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