Ada Lovelace Day; Women in technology

I was just asked if I was going to write a blog for Ada Lovelace day this year. And yes, yes I am.

Earlier this year I actually met a bunch of really cool women who work in technology jobs!

In no particular order (apart from alphabetically) I'd like to mention Angela Byron, Liz Henry, Emma Jane Hogbin and Brenda Wallace.

When you meet any of them, buy them a $beverage; they deserve it :-)

Ada Lovelace Day; Women in technology

I wasn't going to post anything about women in technology, on account of feeling particularly uninspired today.

However, I came across an article in a dutch newpaper when I did my what's-happening-in-the-world round this morning, featuring a woman who manages a gas production platform in the North Sea.

Suzan de Haan is not in IT, but she definitely has a tech job.

You can read the relatively awful Google translation of the print version or the original page in dutch.