Astrophotography with Mac OS X

M42 - Orion Nebula

It's been a good three years now since I swapped my HP laptop for a Macbook Pro. In the mean time, I've started doing a bit more astrophotography and of course the change of operating system has affected the tools I use to obtain and process photos.

Amateur astronomers have traditionally mostly used Windows, so there are a lot of Windows tools, both freeware and payware, to help. I used to run the freeware ones in Wine on Ubuntu with varying levels of success.

Open Source Mac 2009.08

After the relative popularity and success of the OpenSourceMac 2008.08 disc I made for Software Freedom Day last year, I now have an updated 2009.08 version.

Most applications have had bug fix releases, so I've included them. The disc includes the latest Firefox and I've added Aqua instead of NeoOffice. It also no longer includes some apps that have been re-licensed as payware.

Download it, burn it and give it to friends and family and ask them to do the same :-)