Seeing as the Australian governments proposed mandatory internet filter will filter all traffic on port 80, I thought it 

would be helpful to provide a Drupal module that allows you to automagically provide an alternate link to each page on a site.

Your web server should be configured to serve content on a 2nd port, beside port 80, so as to not interfere with browsing requests from users outside of Australia.

Asylum Scaremongering

Ever since the explosion on the boat full of Afghani refugees, the news has been full of scaremongering again. They're faithfully reporting how we'll be overrun with asylum seekers because the new goverment has changed policies.  I'm calling it scaremongering because they never report on the actual total number of asylum seekers Australia gets or, for that matter, the relative amount compared to other countries.

clean feed nonsense

Dear Minister Conroy,

I'm an IT professional living in Melbourne and I have been following discussions about the proposal to filter all internet traffic coming into Australia. This proposal has me both worried and somewhat bemused.

The worry stems from a lack of any clear information on what "illegal content" is and no way of determining what sites would be blocked. Support group websites? Politically inconvenient sites? Overseas news papers? Proposing such broad censorship laws in the name of protecting children is wrong. The state is not a parent.