xmas surprise

ITelescope got a bit of a surprise last night.

It was decided some time ago that we wouldn't do presents, but instead all put a set amount of money into a piggy bank, to spend on a suckling pig banquet early next year.

However, just as we were about to go, I was herded into a room with a huge box, which turned out to contain a 650mm f/5 newtonian "zoom lens" on an equatorial mount, for use with the digital camera :-)



now all you need to do is work out how to find the south celestial pole... (hidden below the tree line in my yard)


Well, as soon as I get a clear night, that is. I'm sure it'll be any week now.

I have no yard at all, so I think I'll be starting out in Royal Park, which is only just up the hill. Finding the pole will be an interesting challenge. I grew up in the northern hemisphere, and there it's dead easy :-)

Well, I had my first clear night of viewing (in Royal Park) last week, and despite the large amount of light pollution it was great.

The moon looked fantastic and I was even able to find and make out the Orion nebula. The latter would be a lot better in a dark location on a moonless night, though.

My T-adapter arrived today, so I can now hook the Nikon up to the scope.

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