T plus 810875

After a few questions on IRC as to what the numbers were on the distro, editor and shell fields for linux.conf.au registrants and a tiny bit of egging on to make me do graphs, here is the first cut; DistroWars, EditorWars and ShellWars.

Distro Wars

That's a hands down win for Ubuntu and deb based distros in general. 

Editor Wars

vim ftw. What else is there to say? 

Shell Wars

And this speaks for itself. 

Note that on distros and editors, I've had to group a few single entries into 'Other', so that the graph was actually readable. 



Whoa, if GoboLinux isn't on the graph, that must means I must have been the only GoboLinux user at the conference! Heh, I thought it was more popular than that.

... based on some quick sums and an assumption of 6 (us) billion humans on earth, that still means there are 8,995,502 GoboLinux users on the planet ;-)

I imagine there is a "gedit" and a " gedit" or "gedit ". Those pesky Lunix users seem to have a habit of entering dirty data.

The preferred shell can't really be counted like that. Bash is the default on about every distro there is, most likely most who answered bash haven't even TRIED any other shell.

Same could be said for Vim. (And apart from it being a devs conference, i'd say the same about Ubuntu).

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