Drupal Downunder Video

Update: Internode have graciously offered to host all videos on their mirror server, please check http://mirror.internode.on.net/pub/drupaldownunder/

It's been a while since Drupal Downunder and unfortunately some hardware problems (which will be resolved in the next two weeks or so) have prevented us from posting the conference videos in an easy to download format.

As a work-around, we've decided to make all the videos available for download via bittorrent. The torrent files for the 7.7GB Ogg Theora format and 18GB H264 (MP4) format downloads are attached below. To help seed (please do!) the torrents, please check the instructions on the Drupal Downunder 2012 site

... and last but not least, a huge thankyou to Brian Gilbert for pushing the Ogg files to the high bandwidth server, so I don't have to seed them via my poor ADSL connection only :-)



Seems like there are no seeders for the bittorrent files :(
Can you guys upload it in TPB

I checked and both the DDU server and my home box are seeding the torrents. However, I am apparently the only seeder for the 18GB version and I need to rate limit my uplink, so I can get work done.

So getting the MP4 files from the Internode http mirror is probably going to be much faster.

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