re: easy backups

Mary Gardiner wondered about easy backups for Linux, possibly something like Tima Machine. As far as I know, work has been progressing on a project along these lines, called TimeVault.

Unfortuntately Marys blog doesn't allow comments and I don't do LiveJournal, so I'll have to reply via the blog-o-tubes ;-)


I've been watching TimeVault also but unfortunately, the project looks a bit dead-ish; at least development seems to have slowed down to a crawl. Initial development was quick but for about a year nothing major has been done it seems.

There is something similar out there called 'Flyback' although that looks similar dead-ish and, judging from the comments on their site, has less features.

Several people suggest something called 'rdiff-backup' but that has no pretty GUI thingie.

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