ticketing update

Nearly one week ago tickets for sold out, leaving a lot of people with a tentative (unpaid) registration - unable to attend the conference, as we have a hard limit of 600 on our keynote venue.

These people with tentative registrations are now on a waiting list, and as spaces are becoming available when we process cancellations, we will offer newly freed spaces to the people on this waiting list. Mini-conf speakers get priority, then we'll go in order of original registration date.

Don't despair though! In addition to processing cancellations, we've decided to make available a limited number (around 60) of non-keynote tickets. After all, we can fit more people into all the theatres combined than we can into the keynote venue.

Again, mini-conf speakers will be offered a ticket first,  then the waiting list and if there are any left, we will open up registrations for these tix.

In addition, we will release a number of day-tickets for the mini-confs only. On one of these tickets you can attend a single day of mini-confs. They don't grant access to the penguin dinner or the main conference days and you won't get conference shwag (though you can of course order an extra t-shirt or dinner ticket).

If after all that you still miss out, consider volunteering. You'll be in the midst of things all week long :-)

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