DrupalCon Sydney - Session Video Torrent

The DrupalCon Sydney videos went up onto YouTube lightning fast, but downloading them is a little bit of a palaver, even with helpful instructions.

So, in the interest of laziness efficiency I did some shell fiddling to automate the fetching. I also renamed the downloaded video files to match their session titles and liberated them from their flash video container, so they're straightforward h264 files now. To grab them all, download DrupalConSydney2013.torrent and open it in your favourite bittorrent client, then wait.

The torrent uses the Chaos Computer Club public tracker and the total combined size is 7.5GB.

Please help seed! :-)

Update 2013-02-17  Since the CCC tracker seems to be either under maintenance or just gone, I've uploaded a new torrent file that includes a few different trackers. If you downloaded the .torrent before today, please discard the downloaded file and grab the new one.

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