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In 2007 I moved my blog from my own bespoke CMS into Drupal. Back then, Drupal 6 was the state of the art and so that's what I used.

Drupal 7 came out just under two years ago, but for many and varied reasons there was a significant lag before contributed modules were updated to work with the newer Drupal core. I happily kept working mainly with Drupal 6 until I got a job developing new sites using Drupal 7 at the start of this year.

Bootstrap screenshotSince I do a lot of my browsing on my iPhone and wanted to make my own site more usable on mobile devices, I'd decided to upgrade this site. Responsive or mobile themes for Drupal 6 are few and far between and not great and since I am not a themer, I needed a decent base theme to start from. All I had to do was choose a base theme I could live with and I had all but decided on Omega.

Whilst waiting for a blue cheese pie last week, a friend showed me Twitters bootstrap framework on her iPad. It's responsive, light-weight and un-busy, which is great.

As it turns out, there's a Drupal theme based on Bootstrap and that's made my choice of base theme really easy. So here you go, my shiny new responsive blag!

The old ones are all available from the Kipple menu.

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