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Barringer Crater - olloclip fisheye

A while ago, I was contacted by MobileZap, a reseller of mobile phone accessories and asked if I was interested in reviewing an iPhone zoom lens attachment. Unfortunately the widget only attached to the iPhone 5S - mine's a 5c - so I wasn't able to. I also mostly do wide angle photography (landscapes) so a zoom lens would be sort of wasted on me anyway.

When browsing the website, I did stumble across the olloclip wide-angle/fisheye/macro lens kit, which piqued my interest. When I mentioned this, they sent me one and asked me to write a blog about my experiences using it. Happily, I was about to go on a road trip past some very large holes in the ground where it would come it very handly indeed!

camera play time

A few weeks back, when Donna had just gotten her new camera (Nikon D80) I was playing around at night in the suburbs, trying to do some star field shots.

I put the camera on a tripod and set it to the longest possible exposure (30 seconds) and found I needed the self-timer as well, so the vibrations from my pushing the shutter button would have time to die out. With the wide angle lens and this exposure time limitation, I think I did a relatively decent job on the southern cross.